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Personality Inborn Talent Learning Style

Empirical approach to discover innate potential of individual, enabling best possible opportunities

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

DMIT, is an empirical approach to understand possible innate potential of individual, by analyzing the pattern on drama within scope of researched observation. Digital DMIT enables you to get personalized report confidential, without losing your sensitive data to any one.

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Couple Compatibility Report

CCR, Couple Compatibility Report, is an assessment based on DMIT & DISC profile theories, that evaluates the compatibility and dynamics between two individuals in a romantic relationship.

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Online Regular DMIT Report Generation Comparative to Conventional Offline System, offers most effective solution in term's of cost, time & security, that too with ease.

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Personalized Range of Report

From newborn to elder, child to parent, single to couple, employee to employer, wide range of personalized report offered as per need,

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Get generalized report's suitable to all

Career Specific Reports

Itenable individual to define appropriate goal as well offer idea for better opportunity.

Relationship Oriented Reports

Design specific to couples & individuals looking for compatibility match

Executive Reports

Reports for industry looking for training, requirement and promotion.

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Brain Basics (Except Compatibility Report's)


Brain Lob DistributionNeuron Distribution

Know neuron distribution in brain lobes, based on analytical pool of data bank and empirical relation based on finger patterns and rigid count.


Brain DominanceBased on split-brain theory

Know which part of brain is more dominant, based on split-brain research of Dr Roger W Sperry, know whether you are more creative or analytical


Brain ResponseBased on ATD Angle

With ATD angle, reflexes and grasping of one can be evaluated, based on same one can know learning speed and reflexes in game.

Personalized Content (Report Specifics)


PersonalityBased on DISC Theory

Know your personality based on DISC profile, proposed by Dr. William Marston


Multiple Intelligence8 intelligence

Know eight type of multiple intelligences which will aid you in various aspects of life proposed by Dr Howard Gardner


Multiple Quotients4 Quotients

Know four quotients and understand better


Acquiring Methods4 Methods

Understand how do you acquire knowledge


Learning StyleVAK Theory

Based on VAK theory proposed by Dr Walter Burke Barbe in 1979


Compatibility ReportBased on Personality

DISC theory can further be used to trace compatibility between two person.